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What We've Done Recently

Reported June 2024:

  • Sarasota Branch Freedom Award Banquet is scheduled for October 3, 2024 at the Hyatt. Awardees have been selected and will be announced shortly.

  • The Board of Education’s African American Task Force will have its first meeting on July 25th. Four members of the Branch will sit on this task force.

  • Members of the Branch will be part of the Police Department Roundtable to find solutions to the increase of gun violence.  DCF, DJJ, State Attorney’s Office and other stake holders will be part of the development of strategies to decrease the violence.

Reported May 2024

  • Three members of the Sarasota NAACP Executive Committee will be on the African American Task Force for Education. The first meeting will be on June 25th.

  • President Trevor Harvey has met with Sarasota Police Chief Troche regarding the late-night noise on Washington Ave.  The city is doing a study and data analysis of the situation.  The Police Department is consistently monitoring and issuing both citations and warnings.  Miami is currently running a pilot program involving cameras based on decibel output. The Sarasota Police Department is following the progress of that pilot program for possible use in the city.

  • The President is currently working on two legal redress concerns.

  • The Freedom Award Banquet Committee has announced the date for the 2024 affair. The awards banquet is scheduled for Thursday, October 3 at 6:30 pm. The event will be held at The Hyatt. 


Reported April 2024

  • Branch voted to send financial assistance to relief efforts of the Jackson County Branch. This contribution will significantly aid efforts devastating provide essential assistance to those most affected by last year’s

Reported March 2024

  • Members attended SURE’S Nehemiah Action session. Working towards more affordable housing was selected as SURE’s focus.

  • Participated in the Black Family Wellness Expo

  • Continued to work with Superintendent Conner to develop a task force to address how Black History is taught in Sarasota County schools.

  • Continuing a program started in 2022, Bill Woodson made a presentation to the new class of Sarasota City Police recruits in an effort to build more trust and understanding between the police department and the community it serves.

Reported February 2024

  • Met with Sarasota Schools Superintendent Conner to discuss his transitional plan and plans for closing the school achievement gap

  • Met with Chief of Police Troche to discuss 2023 falling crime statistics

  • Volunteered to participate in the Student Code of Conduct Focus Group for the school district

  • Followed up on 2 legal redress issues filed through our website.

  • Made plans to hold fundraising events in order for the Youth members to attend the NAACP National Convention in Las Vegas. Find more information about the above by attending an upcoming meeting.

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